American Experiment

“America is an idea” ~ Bono


America is a great idea. It’s an idea full of hope. It’s an idea that speaks freedom, shouts equality and invites peoples from all over the world to pursue happiness HERE…


It was and is a great idea that was flawed from inception. We keep working on it…and every time we take two steps closer to realizing the ideals written in our foundational documents, we get dragged three steps back by those who benefit from the status quo.


In this category, we discuss the ebbs and flows, tragedies and triumphs of the great American Experiment. Because even as a new generation leads the charge to change the racism, sexism and violence rooted at our foundation, we all have to understand our roles and do our part.

Too many White people seem to believe the criminal justice system will protect their criminal behavior because that is how systemic racism operates in this country.