Leadership Coaching

Leadership is influence--getting people to buy into your vision for accomplishing your organization's purpose, its mission. Leadership coaching offers the leader an opportunity to maximize influence by establishing new leadership habits through coaching. An effective coaching relationship is one in which the "coached" establishes an agenda for change and the coach holds an individual(s) accountable to that agenda.

Leadership Unlocked offers two (2) types of leadership coaching:
Individual Coaching is done one-on-one with an individual. The initial session can be done in person or on the phone with follow-up sessions occurring via telephone. The first session is normally a longer session (up to 1.5 hours) to establish the working relationship; subsequent sessions will be approximately 30-50 minutes long.

Leadership Unlocked offers three individual coaching packages:

Our basic coaching package includes four sessions per month and limited email interaction.

The Purple package includes an initial, longer (up to 1.5 hours) session for five total sessions per month and unlimited email interaction.

The Platinum package includes everything included in the Purple package plus up to five additional 5-10 minute phone calls per month.

Group/Team Coaching involves a group with a common goal. Group coaching is normally done in person; however, the actual format can be negotiated.

Individual and Group/Team Coaching can include an assessment to help the leader or leadership teams determine their current leadership preferences. See Leadership Tools to learn more about the assessments Leadership Unlocked offers.

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