Leadership Development & Training

Leadership Development and TrainingA good leader uses innate leadership gifts to address every relevant situation. A great leader never stops honing innate skills and acquiring new skills that can be adapted and applied as the situation requires. Our Leadership Development courses focus on the fundamental characteristics of a successful leader and how to integrate those characteristics in order that they become integral to an individual's leadership behavior. Our Leadership Training courses provide practical techniques the leader can apply for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Development Courses:
ABCs of Leadership
Basic Training: Developing the New Leader
Communication Keys
Decisive Decision-Making
Leadership Styles
Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Leadership Presence
Lessons in Command and Control
The "Get 'er Done" Leader
Leading Up
Capturing the Hearts and Minds of New Employees
Mentoring vs. Coaching
Creating a Cohesive Team
Decisions are Easy, Discipline is Hard
Energy and Leadership

Training Courses:
Six Keys to Successful Teams
Team Rules of Engagement
The "I Can't Wait for the Meeting" Meeting
Productivity Management
Performance Evaluation
Goal Setting
Employee Orientation Checklist

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