The ROE of COAs

ROE and COA are two of the acronyms from my previous life I use frequently in my current life. At the beginning of any workshop I lead, I spend time establishing the Rules of Engagement (ROE) that will govern our conduct. Course(s) of Action (COA) are the alternate ways to get to a desired result; it’s a phrase I use when coaching clients trying to reach their goals.

I think about these concepts when I see the disparate, disjointed efforts of activists, especially in the Chicago area. I wonder…”Is it possible to engage for the purpose of coming up with objectives everyone can support?”

If you can’t even RECONCILE with your BROTHERS AND SISTERS, in the same line of work, HOW will you RECONCILE A CITY and a NATION?” ~ Apostle David A. Rodgers

Inhale Collaboration, Exhale Competition…
Inhale Engagement, Exhale Estrangement…
Inhale Reconciliation, Exhale Revolution …
Just Breathe

Reflections With Renita

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