The Long View

It hasn’t happened often during the Saban era, but after an Alabama loss, I usually limit my exposure to social media. Not because of the haters (hating those consistently at the top is an American pastime) but because of the so-called fans.

In the thread of the one post I did read after the 2017 loss to Auburn, ungrateful “fans” ripped the QB primarily, the coaching staff, the defense …and basically declared the season over!

Forget the Shula years…these folks seem to have forgotten about 2015, when the experts declared the dynasty over after the loss to Ole Miss, only to have Alabama end the season with National Championship #16.

In Alabama Football, as in life, it pays to take the long view.

“Just because you are dominant does not mean you are infallible.” ~ Nick Saban

Inhale Team Accountability, Exhale Individual Blame…
Inhale Long View, Exhale Short Sightedness…
Inhale Ride or Die, Exhale Bandwagon…
Just Breathe


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