Irony Deficient: Part 3

Each wave of immigrants to this country has been “othered” by the entrenched immigrants already here. Every group fighting for equality and authenticity has been “othered” by those who have won their battles. How ironic that once our own “tribe” achieves recognition, we don’t support the struggles of others to enjoy the full rights and privileges of being Americans.

“..belonging and inclusion [is] the only sustainable solution to the problem of othering.” ~ john a. powell and Stephen Menendian, Inclusiveness and Belonging

Inhale Welcoming, Exhale “Othering”…
Inhale Belonging, Exhale Excluding…
Inhale Including, Exhale Hostility…
Just Breathe


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Irony Deficient: Part 2

The enslaved in colonial America did not miss the irony of their oppressors’ protests against oppression by the British…all while keeping them in bondage.

“Until we are all free, we are none of us free.” ~ Emma Lazarus

Inhale Freedom, Exhale Oppression…
Inhale Freedom, Exhale Bondage…
Inhale Freedom, Exhale Slavery…
Just Breathe


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Irony Deficient: Part 1

It is endlessly ironic to me that the descendants of those who often escaped religious persecution in their countries of origin are so intolerant of other religions in this country.

“So when a nation of immigrants starts putting up travel bans, you have officially lost the plot [of the Bible].” ~ Rob Bell

Inhale Freedom, Exhale Persecution…
Inhale Freedom, Exhale Intolerance…
Inhale Freedom, Exhale Hypocrisy…
Just Breathe


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More Joy Please!

One of my colleagues expressed a little guilt about all the joy she’s experiencing in her personal life when the world seems scary and unsafe for so many.

I believe the joy is what we have to focus on in these tumultuous times to stay hopeful. So embrace it, enjoy it…luxuriate in the joy in your life!

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

Inhale Joy, Exhale Overwhelm…
Inhale Safety, Exhale Unease…
Inhale Hope, Exhale Fear…
Just Breathe


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Intense Focus

I ended 2017 with a series of what I’ll refer to as annoyances … stuck in ATL during the infamous power outage (which required a lot of rescheduling), experiencing plumbing issues in my new place, and finding out what I thought was a flat tire was in fact a cracked wheel which I discovered during the coldest day of the coldest week of the year.

Not enough to stop me but just enough to divert me from what I needed to be doing and sufficiently time consuming to slow me down.

I had to consciously and intentionally wrest my thoughts from drifting into “why me” and focus on “what is my life trying to tell me now.” I got “be still.” And so I got still.

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

Inhale Hopeful, Exhale Despondent…
Inhale Happy, Exhale Annoyed…
Inhale Reframe, Exhale Stuck…
Just Breathe


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We understand the concept of focus yet we don’t always apply it to our everyday lives. We give what is wrong, what is warped, and what is downright wicked WAAAY too much attention. In fact, we frequently act on what we don’t want which only gets us more negativity.

What if instead, we poured our energy into what we DO want, what energizes us, and/or brings us joy? What would that look like? How could that change things?

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Inhale What is Right, Exhale What is Wrong…
Inhale What is Pure, Exhale What is Warped…
Inhale What is Noble, Exhale What is Wicked…
Just Breathe


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I am convinced that I never really lose anything. Forget? Frequently! Misplace? Often! But truly lose? Almost never!

That belief has been borne out in the recovery of countless things, to include a laptop left in a restroom, in an airport, in a different town, over a Christmas holiday when the lost and found was closed. Yikes! But I wasn’t anxious because, you know … I never really, truly lose anything!

Except thoughts. I sometimes lose thoughts. Which is why I try to write things down…

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” ~ L.M. Montgomery

Inhale Belief, Exhale Being Bothered…
Inhale Conviction, Exhale Uncertainty…
Inhale Assurance, Exhale Anxiety…
Just Breathe


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Culture of Consistency

I love Alabama Football! Not just because I’m an alum, but also because the program under Nick Saban has been the model for how to create a culture of success. The team-first attitude demonstrated by the leaders and most of the team reflects a recruiting philosophy that focuses, not just on talent but also on temperament.

That “team first” attitude is why Alabama is consistently in the national conversation and has won five of the last nine National Championships. And from the looks of the talent, they’re not done!

President Barack Obama is presented an Alabama football jersey during a ceremony honoring the 2009 national champion Crimson Tide football team.

Roll Tide!

“First of all, you’ve got to have a vision of ‘What kind of program do I want to have?’ Then you’ve got to have a plan to implement it. Then you’ve got to set the example that you want, develop the principles and values that are important, and get people to buy into it.” ~ Nick Saban

Inhale Vision, Exhale Delusion…
Inhale Plan, Exhale Happenstance…
Inhale Execution, Exhale Procrastination…
Just Breathe


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Real Freedom

The time to be patient … the time to linger … the time to focus fully on life’s divine flow … that is real freedom.

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” ~ Steven Wright

Inhale Patience, Exhale Chaos…
Inhale Lingering, Exhale Rushing…
Inhale Freedom, Exhale Constriction…
Just Breathe


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Living My Values

After stressing out about arriving late to some early morning meetings, I realized I wasn’t honoring my value of easing into my day. I was committing to someone else’s timeline and not recognizing my prior commitment to myself.

So I recommitted to my rejuvenation time and stopped rushing to start my day. The result? Peace and calm.

“The important thing in life is to have a center so sound that nothing outside ourselves can disturb it.” ~ Joan Chittister, In a High Spiritual Season

Inhale Lived Values, Exhale Abandoned Values…
Inhale Commitment, Exhale Forgetfulness…
Inhale Self-Care, Exhale Stress…
Just Breathe


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