Civic Duty

I had my first civilian jury duty last week. I WANTED to serve, although just for a short case, and that’s exactly what happened. I haven’t been able to format my experience in a way that fits this space but I know it was vastly different from the other jurors because of how we responded to the information we were give.

The trail reinforced for me the need to have defendants judged by their peers. And since we live in a country that incarcerates black and brown people at 5.1 and 1.4 (respectively) times the rate of whites, to me, that means more people of color need to be in the jury box.

Inhale Civic Duty, Exhale Excuses…
Inhale Fairness, Exhale Prejudice…
Inhale Justice, Exhale Systemic Injustice…
Just Breathe


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