Have you ever had a thought about something you needed to do just as you were about to go to sleep … and you kept thinking about it and thinking about it? Like when you’re going on a trip or have some big event happening the next day and you think about an item you didn’t pack or something you forgot to do. Or maybe it’s something that has to wait until the next day. Either way, you can’t go back to sleep.

When you think of something your mind believes you’re supposed to do something, so it keeps poking. I’ve discovered that keeping a notepad close so the paper can hold onto the “thing I must not forget” allows my mind to let it go, so I can go to sleep

Inhale Rest, Exhale Anxiety…
Inhale Release, Exhale Overthinking…
Inhale Relax, Exhale Sleeplessness…
Just Breathe


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