In Charge

On the plane ride back from FL, where I witnessed a wife/mother/leader take command, I was able to watch (while flying…love technology!) another wife/mother/leader and G.O.A.T., Serena Williams, win her semi-final match at Wimbledon.

Despite all the regressive political language, racist actions by neighbors all over the U.S., and attempts by states to roll back hard fought gains, these women and others, on stages national and local, are showing what mature, calm, compassionate, grown-up leadership looks like.

And I am here for it.

Inhale Calm, Exhale Impetuous…
Inhale Mature, Exhale Childish…
Inhale Compassionate, Exhale Uncaring…
Just Breathe


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In Command

This week, I was able to witness a stellar Air Force officer take command for the first time. This officer has done everything required to earn command, to include deployments and high profile assignments at the Air Force major command level.

The new commander replaced another superb officer who led the unit to Air Force wide recognition, earning personal recognition and awards along the way.

The fact that both the incoming and outgoing commanders are women with families should not be and may not be newsworthy to you. But I needed to make note of these women who have refused to sacrifice aspects of their personal life (marriage, kids, etc.) to achieve professional success. Bravo!

Inhale Calling, Exhale Ignoring…
Inhale Capability, Exhale Gender Bias…
Inhale The Life You Want, Exhale Societal Expectations…
Just Breathe


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