Take Over

I didn’t watch but the stats show that King LeBron James reigned supreme against the Indiana Pacers; in fact, none of the Cleveland Cavaliers supporting cast scored more than 20 points in the series.

I wondered, not for the first time, what happens when the alpha leader takes over? Does that take all the pressure off the rest of the team? Will they hold themselves accountable?

Inhale Own, Exhale Take Over…
Inhale Be Responsible, Exhale De-Incentivize…
Inhale Motivate, Exhale Undermine…
Just Breathe


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As a young Air Force officer reading and re-writing hundreds of performance reports, I discovered that my “helpful improvements” to said reports were de-motivating my non-commissioned officers (NCOs), tasked with evaluating their subordinates.

One trusted NCO revealed the reasoning of some while explaining why the reports coming to me had not improved: “Why spend a lot of effort if the officer in charge (ME) was just going to change the words?”


So I vowed to make NO changes to grammatically correct reports that accurately reflected the performance being evaluated; no “happy” to “glad”, no “lasting” to “enduring”… no changes that dismissed the effort of the writer because of my personal preference.

As difficult as that was sometimes, I worked hard to keep my word.

Inhale Motivate, Exhale De-Motivate…
Inhale Motivate, Exhale Discourage…
Inhale Motivate, Exhale De-Incentivize…
Just Breathe


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Martyr Syndrome

Have you ever watched someone on your team take over a project and then complain about having to do it all?

Here’s the thing about doing it all, all the time: others will let you take the burden and won’t hesitate to take some of the credit. So if you don’t want to do it, DON’T!

“The martyr operates on the assumption that he or she knows best and has THE answer rather than an answer.” ~ David Emerald, cofounder of the Bainbridge Leadership Center.

Inhale Taking Responsibility, Exhale Taking Over…
Inhale Ownership, Exhale Martyrdom…
Inhale Inspire, Exhale De-incentivize …
Just Breathe


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