I don’t believe I’ve ever heard an interview with Nick Saban when he didn’t use the word resiliency. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, to brush off a mistake, to not get discouraged when things are not going well, to just keep playing, is a characteristic displayed by the most successful athletes and teams. It’s a quality Coach Saban stresses to his teams.

Because in sports, as in life, every obstacle overcome increases the confidence you have that you can overcome the next obstacle and maintain your forward progress.

“I hope you take something from this game and the resiliency that you showed in this game and it helps you be more successful in life.” ~ Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban to his team after their comeback win over Georgian in the 2018 National Championship Game.

Inhale Resiliency, Exhale Demoralization…
Inhale Resiliency, Exhale Discouragement…
Inhale Resiliency, Exhale Depression…
Just Breathe


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