What Remains…

Whenever I recall the difficult days of my divorce, I can’t help but remember the kindness of family and friends.

I remember how my senior Non Commissioned Officers, Len Colello and Gary Haskins would take turns asking me if I had been to the gym, which always made me laugh … and go to the gym!

I remember how a friend took me to fetch my daughter after I walked out of my building to discover my husband had taken my car, leaving us stranded.

I remember how my grandmother gave me access to a low interest loan that allowed me to get a new car.

I’m grateful I no longer feel the pain of those memories…just the kindness which fills my heart with joy and even more gratitude.

Inhale Kindness, Exhale Pain…
Inhale Joy, Exhale Painful Memories…
Inhale Gratitude, Exhale Regret…
Just Breathe


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At nine years and counting, I’ve now lived in Chicago longer than any place since I started my military career. I thought after 27 years of moving every two to three years, it might be difficult to stay in the same city. But not only have I been in the same city, I’ve spent these years in the same building!

So this last month as summer has lingered and I prepared to move into my new space, I’ve spent my mornings on the roof, enjoying the amazing view and being grateful for having a place to call home.

“Home is where you make it.” ~ Anonymous

Inhale Gratitude, Exhale Entitlement…
Inhale Peace, Exhale Chaos…
Inhale Home, Exhale Loneliness…
Just Breathe


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It is possible to have an appreciation for what others have without feeling that what we have is somehow inadequate. When we express appreciation and gratitude for what we do have, we attract more of what is promised to us.

What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Inhale Gratitude, Exhale Attitude…
Inhale Appreciation, Exhale Criticism…
Inhale Thankfulness, Exhale Envy…
Just Breathe…


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Be Grateful

God has not promised me sunshine
That’s not the way it’s going to be
But a little rain
Mixed with God’s sunshine
A little pain
Makes me appreciate the good times
Be grateful
Be grateful” ~ Walter Hawkins

In November 2016, I found myself frequently focused on the negative…the untimely death of a younger cousin, the result of the election and the racism it exposed. So I spent some time listening to the Hawkins family…Edwin, Walter, Tramaine…which led to a search for the songs I sang as a member of the Afro-American Gospel at Alabama.

Listening, I was reminded to focus on the many, many, many things I have to be so grateful for…a healthy family, friends who have done their work, time to be still and reflect, opportunities to live on purpose, a safe place to rest, more than enough to eat, faith that sustains me.

There are a couple of things I want and absolutely nothing I need…for that I am grateful.

Inhale Gratitude, Exhale Negativity…
Inhale Trust, Exhale Doubt…
Inhale Peace, Exhale Chaotic Thoughts…
Just Breathe…


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