The Safe Zone

If you’re moving forward but not experiencing a little fear, maybe you’re staying in the safe zone, the no fear zone…maybe you’re not risking enough.

Or maybe, instead of actually moving forward, you’re moving in circles, stuck in the same place, in the safe place.

You don’t have to expect fear on your way to purpose, but you have to recognize when you are experiencing fear so fear doesn’t stop you.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“…once we discover [what we are called to do] we should set out to do it with all of the strength and all of the power that we have in our systems.” ~

Martin Luther King, The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life, a sermon delivered at New Covenant Baptist Church in Chicago on April 9, 1967.


Inhale Risk, Exhale Resistance…
Inhale Fear, Exhale Inaction…
Inhale Possibilities, Exhale Stagnation…
Just Breathe


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My daughter always attributes her love of travel to the nomadic life she endured (maybe retrospectively even enjoyed) as the child of a military member. And because we didn’t usually live close to relatives, summer always included several long visits to family in the South. She usually managed to achieve her goal of being gone all summer long!

Now, she uses the perks of working in the airline industry (of course) to fly to all the places she’s never visited. And sometimes, she invites me to come along. I always try to go…because if your adult child wants you to travel with her, you have to say YES!

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” ~ Francis Bacon

Inhale Experience, Exhale Inaction…
Inhale Adventure, Exhale Inertia…
Inhale Participation, Exhale Isolation…
Just Breathe


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American Complicity

I suspect the one third of Americans who still approve of #45 is the same one third who frequently invite the one third they’ve identified as the “others” to just leave America. Or if they stay, to be denied full access to citizenship, preferably while serving time or detained in an ICE center….and servicing the government for free. OR be exterminated.

And if the remaining one third is disengaged, that could happen.

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” ~ Haile Selassie

Inhale Engagement, Exhale Indifference…
Inhale Speaking, Exhale Silence…
Inhale Action, Exhale Complicity…
Just Breathe


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A passive hope is not effective.” ~ Deepak Chopra.

I heard this and I had to think about it…isn’t hope by its definition passive? So I actually looked up the word and what I realized is that having hope is not just wanting something to happen…having hope is expecting something to happen.

In fact, hope is a lot like faith…

Dear friends, do you think you’ll get anywhere in this if you learn all the right words but never do anything? Does merely talking about faith indicate that a person really has it? For instance, you come upon an old friend dressed in rags and half-starved and say, “Good morning, friend! Be clothed in Christ! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!” and walk off without providing so much as a coat or a cup of soup—where does that get you? Isn’t it obvious that God-talk without God-acts is outrageous nonsense?” James 2: 14-17 MSG

Inhale Hope, Exhale Despair…
Inhale Faith, Exhale Inaction…
Inhale Expectation, Exhale Inertia…
Just Breathe

Reflection With Renita

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Progress to Purpose

As long as we understand and are making progress toward an envisioned purpose we are successful.

Not that I have already attained this – that is, I have not already been perfected – but I strive to lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus also laid hold of me.” Philippians 3:12 NET

Inhale Progress, Exhale Perfection,
Inhale Movement, Exhale Inaction,
Inhale Evolution, Exhale Stagnation…
Just Breathe


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When I think of some of the people I most admire, people who are applying their passion to a solving a problem in the world, it’s usually not just because of the amazing work they are doing. Or even their demonstrated courage to step out and live their dreams.

I admire the people I admire often because they’ve overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams. Some have overcome low expectations, some have escaped the prison of poverty, and others have survived near death experiences…and their experiences seem to have made them stronger, resilient…fearless.

Out of massive suffering emerged the strongest souls; the most massive character are seared with scars.” ~ Khalil Gibran

Inhale Difficulty, Exhale Defeat…
Inhale Adversity, Exhale Inaction…
Inhale Suffering, Exhale Stopping…
Just Breathe

Reflections With Renita

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Lived Values

I saw a beautiful tribute to a Dad gone too soon…a father who showed how much he valued his children even in the way he looked at them….a father whose lived values impacted his daughter… who tries to make sure the “sparkle” she saw reflected in his eyes is what her children see when she looks at them.

Inhale Values, Exhale Inaction…
Inhale Values, Exhale Inconsistency…
Inhale Values, Exhale Dissatisfaction…
Just Breathe…


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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Newton’s Third Law of Motion

There will be resistance. You’ll wake up from a dream that felt real, see the vision clearly, feel the knowing intently and immediately the voice in your head will demand to know “Who. Are. You. … to think you can do this?”

It will be so loud, you’ll think it’s someone else and perhaps it WAS someone else…but you’ve internalized the voice, and now believe the thought and you’re thinking it so loud it sounds like someone is speaking.

The way to quiet the voice is to feel the fear, face the fear and pursue the dream in spite of the fear.

For every dream, there is resistance.” ~ Steven Pressfield

Inhale Action, Exhale Inaction…
Inhale Movement, Exhale Obstacles…
Inhale Assistance, Exhale Resistance…
Just Breathe…


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