Necessary Solitude

Finding a quiet space when you’re a part of a large family can be difficult but necessary when you tend toward introversion. I have always been an avid reader; as a child I would take my latest biography and try to find a hiding spot where I could lose myself in someone else’s life.

Of course, I didn’t have the awareness to know I was an ambivert or the words to explain why I needed to be alone and I seldom had the agency to not have to explain. I just knew I needed time away from younger siblings, chores and homework and felt relieved when I had quiet time and frustrated when I didn’t.

Inhale Instinct, Exhale Hesitation…
Inhale Awareness, Exhale Uncertainty…
Inhale Action, Exhale Frustration…
Just Breathe


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A young adult friend of mine decided a roommate situation was not a good fit, then agreed to it anyway. She felt the pressure of trying to help a friend in a way that ended up putting strains on and almost ending the friendship.

It was a hard lesson about listening to her instincts…a tough reminder that every individual intuitively knows what is best for her and becoming who you are supposed to become takes courage.

Who you’re becoming is far more important than what you’re doing, and yet it is what you’re doing that’s determining who you’re becoming.” Hal Elrod

Inhale Intuition, Exhale Uncertainty…
Inhale Instinct, Exhale Doubt…
Inhale Courage, Exhale Cowardice…
Just Breathe


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