Alternate Plan

After planning and executing a few high profile events, I briefly considered event planning as a post Air Force career option. Then I discovered the stress of a demanding career and single parenthood had contributed to a diagnosis of thyroid disease. I recognized I hadn’t handled my busy life as smoothly as I thought I had.

So I reconsidered my phase two career options, resolved to live a more balanced life and reduced activities and acquisitions to what was absolutely necessary to live on purpose.

And so far, so good…

Inhale Reflection, Exhale Rejection…
Inhale Resolution, Exhale Ego…
Inhale Redirection, Exhale Stubbornness…
Just Breathe


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To Be Accepted or Respected

Early in my military career, I was advised to lean toward earning respect and acceptance would come.

That doesn’t mean it was easy! As a commander, I took flack for some unpopular stances that reflected my core values…one in particular stands out because it had to do with another leader. In this instance, the leader had not completed the required actions to be eligible for higher-level endorsement on a performance evaluation.

I believe someone who raises their hand to lead has to do it from the front, not bring up the rear with excuses as to why he or she is not up front. I believed if I didn’t hold THIS leader to the standard, I couldn’t in good conscience hold ANYONE to the standard.

So despite some pressure from outside my organization, I stuck to what I knew was right and fair…and earned some (grudging) respect, even from the leader whose feet I held to the fire.

Doing the right thing entailed holding this leader accountable.

Inhale Courage, Exhale Timidity…
Inhale Resolution, Exhale Indecision…
Inhale Respect, Exhale Doubt…
Just Breathe


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