More Joy Please!

One of my colleagues expressed a little guilt about all the joy she’s experiencing in her personal life when the world seems scary and unsafe for so many.

I believe the joy is what we have to focus on in these tumultuous times to stay hopeful. So embrace it, enjoy it…luxuriate in the joy in your life!

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

Inhale Joy, Exhale Overwhelm…
Inhale Safety, Exhale Unease…
Inhale Hope, Exhale Fear…
Just Breathe


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People treat us the way they see us treat ourselves.

If we respectfully reject disrespectful behavior aimed in our direction, our action conveys a sense of self, maybe even an inward calm.

If we are comfortable asking for what we want and consistent in our refusal to accept less, we will attract more of what we desire.

There is a risk in demanding what you desire, what you deserve. It could mean you loose what you have. But it could also mean you get what you want.

And isn’t it better to be without, than to settle for less than what you really want?

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Inhale Awareness, Exhale Disregard…
Inhale Authenticity, Exhale Safety…
Inhale Acceptance, Exhale Detachment…
Just Breathe…


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