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Leadership: the key to any successful organization, the momentum behind stable fiscal health, and the influence to inspire high performance.

At Leadership Unlocked, we believe the most effective leaders influence their work environment not just through their expertise and experience, but especially through their energy.

Employees are inspired and influenced by leaders who are not afraid to show their passion, commitment, enthusiasm…their leadership.

Are you ready to unlock your unrealized, untapped inner reservoir of unlimited leadership?

Keys to Leadership


Unlock your most effective leadership ability with these leadership keys. 

Lead Yourself First


Leading yourself well requires that you Discover yourself, Develop yourself, and then Do You!

Expand Your Vision


The most successful leaders are focused on a Big Vision that will impact the world.

Invest in Strengths

Find your natural talents and turn them into superpowers!

Take Care of People


Make sure those actually doing the work have what they need to exceed expectations.

Focus on Team Results

Successful teams are able to hone in on the results they strive for as a team.

Bring the Energy

Energy is contagious! The leader can positively impact or infect the entire organization.

What People are Saying

We also keep the focus on giving you the best customer service.

“Renita is a repeat presenter on leadership agility for our "nextSTARTUP" program. Whether live or on-line, she brings NEXT LEVEL energy, engagement and expertise to our emerging entrepreneurs!”


Kevin Davenport

Program Manager, Chicago Urban League Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

“I’ve learned so much from Renita; most importantly, she helped me learn more about myself. She has been a critical resource in my life and I can’t write enough words to express my gratitude!"


Yashi Conner


“Renita saved me from getting in my own way! She helped me dig deep and make self discoveries that smoothed my transition from a long career of active-duty service in the U.S. Air Force to a world outside that culture that would require an identity shift.


With the help of her coaching, I have found my true passion and purpose and I am forever thankful. She is truly gifted with the skills to help others find effective tools to be the best version of themselves everyday."


Dr. Amanda Ferguson

Former U.S. Air Force Officer. Currently a policy analyst in Washington, D.C. and student at Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy focusing on health policies and equity concerns.

How are you Developing as a Leader?


Leadership Unlocked brings curiosity, compassion and years of leadership experience to help leaders realize their innate, inner leader.

Leadership coaching is your opportunity to maximize your influence by establishing new leadership habits.

Great leaders never stop honing innate skills and acquiring new skills that improve their leadership.

Assessments can help leaders discover their talents and preferences. 


Leadership Unlocked is your one stop shop for all things leadership.



What does a leadership coach write about? Leadership, of course!



Everything going on in the world is impacted by leadership.  

Renita's Reflections


Looking for a way to describe leadership? Look no futher!

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