About Us

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

At Leadership Unlocked, we believe leaders grow better through a combination of consistent learning and actual leading.

Our vision is to unleash effective, influential, powerful leaders…who consistently exude energy, positively impact their workplace, are surgical in making decisions, and inspire energy, loyalty and commitment in their employees.

Our mission is to help leaders at every level unlock their leadership power, passion and purpose through individual and group leadership training and coaching. Our training and coaching emphasizes learning to lead yourself to achieve your goals and as a precursor to leading others. 

Our values are not just for public consumption. Our values help guide every decision we make, every action we take. In short, they determine how we present ourselves to the world.

At the top of our list of values is Integrity. To us, integrity means who we say we are aligns with what we actually do. Integrity means we constantly balance our leadership coaching competence and our ability to achieve our goals, with our knowledge of right from wrong and our capacity to act accordingly.

We Respect our team members and clients and demonstrate esteem in our interactions. Respect encompasses the way we treat our internal and external customers, and how we honor our trust and confidentiality agreements.

We believe a leader’s Energy is the key to effectiveness. We bring infectious energy, enthusiasm and to everything we do..


Renita Alexander

Renita Alexander, The Leadership Locksmith, started Leadership Unlocked, because she believes everyone can be a better leader.

Renita Alexander is passionate about leadership!  As the oldest of five children and the oldest grandchild on both sides of her family, she was often “voluntold” to take on some task and learned early on that responsibility is difficult with no authority. She has been a student of leadership since, applying what she read, witnessed and experienced as an Air Force officer and leadership coach to consistently improve her leadership.

Since retiring from the Air Force after 27 years and moving to Chicago, Alexander has put her leadership knowledge to use, co-founding The Social Leadership Academy, a global education company for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, facilitating MoxE Women, a group of Christian leaders and entrepreneurs, and creating the Leadership Empowerment Academy for the Air Force Academy High School to help young leaders find their leadership strengths. Her company, Leadership Unlocked, is a full service, leadership development and training company focused on developing servant leaders.

Alexander’s book, Just Breathe: Leading Myself One Breath at a Time, was released in 2019. She believes that being the leader you are called to be is the journey of a lifetime.