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About Renita Alexander

Renita D. Alexander is passionate about leadership and believes that anyone can be a better leader. As the oldest of five siblings and the oldest grandchild on both sides of her family, she was often “voluntold” to take on tasks and responsibilities.  Renita learned early on that responsibility is difficult with no authority. She has been a student of leadership since, applying what she read, witnessed and experienced as an Air Force officer and leadership coach to consistently improve her leadership. 

She started her company, Leadership Unlocked, after retiring from the U.S. Air Force and discovering a missing element — leadership — in many of the businesses she encountered. She has turned her passion into a thriving business and herself into “The Leadership Locksmith.”

Leadership Unlocked is a full-service leadership development and training company focused on empowering aspiring and ambitious leaders to unlock and leverage their unique, innate leadership DNA so they can lead with energy, authenticity
and agility.

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No matter where you are in your leadership journey, we believe leaders grow better through a combination of consistent learning and actual leading.

Our Mission

To help leaders at any level unlock their leadership power, passion, and purpose through individual and group leadership training and coaching. Our training and coaching emphasize learning to lead oneself to achieve goals and to lead oneself as a precursor to leading others.

Our Vision

To unleash effective, influential, and powerful leaders who consistently exude energy, positively impact their workplace, and are surgical in making decisions. These leaders inspire energy, loyalty and commitment in their employees.

Our Values

Our values help guide every decision we make and every action we take. They determine how we present ourselves to the world.


We strive to align what we say we are with what we actually do. We ethically balance our leadership-coaching competence with our ability to achieve concrete goals.


We respect our team members and clients as we demonstrate esteem in our interactions. We honor trust and confidentiality agreements toward both our internal and external customers.


We bring infectious energy, enthusiasm, and authenticity into everything we do. We believe that a leader’s energy is key to effectiveness.

“You ARE a leader. Even if you’re just leading yourself.”

— Renita D. Alexander

How It Works

The D6 framework guides leaders as they discover their assets and strengths, dream about an envisioned future, and deconstruct their story. This may include destroying obstacles and paving a path to design a plan to achieve the outcome they desire.

The six Ds are not linear or cyclical. Leaders will weave in and out of these components, recognizing that the process can be somewhat pattern-less.


Discover is an opportunity for leaders to discover their current state and for the coach to learn about them. This is important because you cannot determine where you are going until you determine where you are.


Deconstruct involves encouraging leaders to examine the threads of their story, identify the source, and determine their intent for each part. Decolonization is a chance for leaders to get rid of what is not theirs to keep.


In the dream phase, leaders are encouraged to unbridle their passion and consider what they would do if there were no limits no parameters restricting process and no challenges to be overcome.


The design space is distinct it requires the mapping out of practical and tangible steps that accompany the dreaming process.  As the way to go about things begins to emerge, the timing and process for parts of the dream will be clearer. We encourage leaders to allow the design space and the dreaming space to inform each other.


This is the space where the leaders are doing the work they have identified in the previous components.


The diagnosis space is all about reflection. Whether reframing a discovery, redesigning a plan or redoing what did not work, diagnosis is an ongoing process.

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