Just Breathe...

Are you focused on what you want or distracted by what you DON'T want? 


The intention of Just Breathe, is to encourage you to combine conscious breathing with conscious thoughts. Conscious breathing has tremendous benefits. Whether through meditation like mindfulness (paying attention) or a mantra (repeating a word) or just focusing on controlling the breath, conscious breathing can slow your heart rate and ground you to what is happening around you.


Consciously inhaling words that represent what you want and exhaling what you don't want adds a level of intentionality to whatever you're doing or about to do, be it meditation, getting ready for a performance or presentation in front of an audience, or getting centered for one-on-one conversation.


Or you can let this conscious combo lead you to a different perspective. Just remember...breathe!



Sometimes our assumptions about what is happening keep us from responding to what is really happening. 

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