Regain Your Equilibrium

Equilibrium: a state of intellectual or emotional balance…


There are a lot of productivity experts offering systems to help you organize and act on anything that comes into your workspace. The best ones focus first on helping you find your purpose. Author Brian Tracy says “Once you know your purpose you can organize all of your activities around it.”


Knowing your purpose is an important first step to gaining balance in your life, because if you align yourself with something that’s not what you’re supposed to be doing….

If you continue to say yes to things that are not aligned with your vision or values…

Or if you say no when you should to something that’s not in alignment with your purpose, but condemn yourself because deep down you believe you probably should have done what you were asked to do…

Then even if you apply some practical productivity tools, you’re still going to be unbalanced, stressed out and possibly even resentful because you're out of equilibrium. 

Everything you do should be in some way an expression of your purpose, your vision or your values. If an activity doesn’t fit, you shouldn’t be doing it and if a person is not in alignment, you probably shouldn't engage.  

Knowing your purpose helps you focus your effort and energy on the things that matter, ignore or defer the things that don’t and stay in equilibrium.