Leading yourself requires some understanding of … You!

Leading yourself is THE most important, most difficult leadership challenge and the most crucial if you aspire to lead others.

Who are you? What’s important to you?

The most successful leaders understand there is always more to learn, especially about themselves, and remain open to new knowledge and experiences that give them opportunities to reflect and grow.

In Just Breathe, the reader gets a mentor with three decades of experience leading, mentoring and coaching leaders. Renita Alexander offers her own leadership evolution to encourage readers to discover their values, determine their purpose, and develop their capacity to lead more effectively.

Inhale what you want to keep…

Exhale what you want to release...


Just Breathe

Excerpts from Just Breathe

Asking for Help (page 125)
The month after my divorce, I moved from New Hampshire to England with my not-quite-three-year-old daughter. Stressful doesn’t really begin to describe the experience.

I reluctantly realized I couldn’t do everything by myself. Initially, I self-consciously accepted the assistance that was offered. But then, on occasion, I bravely asked for the help I needed.

And I learned it didn’t make me less of a mom or a lessor leader. Accepting and asking for help just made me a more humble, humane human.

Inhale help, exhale pride.
Inhale humility, exhale pretense.
Inhale humanity, exhale ego.
Just breathe.

Pastor Shaunte Brewer is the Executive Director of Vision Outreach, a community program focused on empowering youth through education, inspiration and revelation. In this video, she shares one of her favorite excerpts from Just Breathe, and demonstrates how to inhale what you want and exhale what you don’t!

About Just Breathe

Just Breathe
 is a compilation of biographical anecdotes about my own leadership journey and my observations from over 30 years of leading and coaching others, sprinkled with leadership truths from leaders I admire.

At the end of each entry, I invite you to meditate on the main takeaways, using controlled breathing to inhale what is to remain and exhale what needs to be released.

My hope and prayer is that you are engaged enough to reflect on the topics shared, encouraged to think intentionally about who you are, and inspired to lead yourself to be the best leader you can be.

Discover your values, determine your purpose,
and develop your capacity to lead effectively.