Leadership is influence...

Leadership means getting people to buy into your vision for accomplishing your organization's purpose, its mission.


Leadership coaching offers the leader an opportunity to maximize influence by establishing new leadership habits. 


A good leader uses innate leadership gifts to address every relevant situation. A great leader never stops honing his innate skills and acquiring new skills that can be adapted and applied as the situation requires. 


Leadership coaching offers the leader an opportunity to maximize his or her influence through exposure to new leadership skills and the establishment of new leadership habits.


Leadership Unlocked offers two (2) types of leadership coaching: Individual Coaching and Team/Group Coaching.

Individual Coaching is done one-on-one with an individual.


At its core, coaching is about creating a powerful partnership between those who want to discover who they are and transform into who they dream of becoming, and the coach who will guide them through their journey.  An effective coaching relationship is one in which the "coached" establishes an agenda for change and the coach holds the individual accountable to that agenda.


The coaching sessions can occur in person, via video teleconference or on the phone. The first session is normally a longer session (up to 1.5 hours) to establish the working relationship; subsequent sessions will be approximately 30-50 minutes long.

Leadership Unlocked offers three individual coaching packages:


Our Purple Pacakge includes a free assessment, four sessions every month and unlimited email interaction.


Our Basic Coaching Package includes four in person or video conference sessions spread over six to eight weeks and unlimited email interation.


Our Platinum Coaching Package includes a free assessment and extra review session, weekly in person or video conference sessions and additional access as needed.  

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Let your passion

and the problem you care about

lead you to your purpose.

Team or Group Coaching involves a group with a common goal.

Leadership Unlocked conducts Team or Group Coaching often in conjunction with leadership training. Participants get the added bonus of peer–to-peer engagement during this coaching process. When in person group coaching is not feasible, communication platforms like Zoom and Teachable help to create a safe space from which lessons are learned and enduring relationships can flourish.

Team Coaching 


Team leadership coaching is an opportunity for an existing team to work on performance goals the team has agreed to in support of the organizational goals. 




Group Coaching


The Group leadership coaching experience exposes participants to proven leadership philosophies and opportunities to explore, develop and define their own leadership strengths in a group setting.

The Leadership Chromosome is a

6-month Leadership Success Accelerator designed to help leaders unlock their presence and voice so they can leverage their unique leadership DNA

and lead authentically in any space. 

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