The Leadership Chromosome is a

6-month Leadership Success Accelerator designed to help leaders unlock their presence and voice so they can leverage their unique leadership DNA

and lead authentically in any space. 

Tired of the discomfort of squeezing to fit into an outmoded model of leadership?

Annoyed by negative assumptions about your abilities?

Discouraged by your organization’s focus on charisma versus competence?

Exasperated by efforts to silence your voice?

Aggravated by attempts to appropriate your genius?

Infruriated by insinuations that seek to negate your influence?

YOUR leadership ability is a combination of your chromosomal make up and your socialization. 

YOUR leadership power is energized when you unlock and understand

the unique genetic code that identifies you as YOU.

YOUR leadership influence is activated when you unleash your cellular level leadership power. 

The Leadership Chromosome 

Leadership Success Accelerator 

is ready to help you

free your unique leadership DNA

and accelerate your leadership!

Your Investment in the

Leadership Chromosome Leadership Success Accelerator

is an Investment in YOU!

1 on 1, On-Line Leadership Strength Strategy Session to initiate your leadership success strategy; includes Assessment and Development Plan

24-7 Access to the Member Portal filled with on-demand training videos, audios, worksheets, etc.

Exclusive Membership Perks: Weekly Accelerator Exploration, Weekly Group Coaching Sessions, access to expert guests and monthly one-on-one Accountability sessions to ensure that you keep your commitment to yourself.

Inclusion in our Private Leadership Chromosome Collective Facebook Community where you can share your wins, ask questions, and receive the wisdom of the collective.

Leadership Chromosome Swag!

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