Image by Pete Linforth


What you take in from the world can influence what you put out into the world. When you take in negativity, you will spew anger, frustration and fear. When you take in positivity, you will send waves of love to everyone you encounter.

Be intentional about what you watch.
Be deliberate in choosing whom you listen to.
Be conscious about what you put in your body.

And even if you accidently encounter negativity energy, YOU get to choose how you respond. Choose positivity.

How you experience everything is up to you. Your reactions need not be automatic or similar to ones you have had before… ~Neale Donald Walsch

Inhale Positivity, Exhale Negativity…
Inhale Intentionality, Exhale Accidentally…
Inhale Deliberate Response, Exhale Unconscious Reaction…
Just Breathe…


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