Positive Energy

One of the first lessons I learned in the Air Force was the power of my energy to positively impact or negatively infect those around me.

It happened quite by accident when I brought the funk one day and infected everyone in my workspace. “Hmmm…why is everyone so grumpy” I wondered? The next day, I was feeling better … and so was everyone else. “Could it be…?” I pondered.

So over the next few days, I conducted a little clandestine social experiment. My hypothesis was confirmed…I was affecting the energy!” You may be thinking “Durr” but it was a Big AHA moment for me. That lesson impacted how I led then and continues to influence how I chose to present myself to the world – appropriately positive!

Inhale Energy, Exhale Lethargy…
Inhale Positivity, Exhale Negativity…
Inhale Readiness, Exhale Disinterest…
Just Breathe…


2 thoughts on “Positive Energy”

  1. Positivity is infectious! I have it as a gift, but that darn funk comes over is all at times!!! Looking towards God to make certain you follow His path for your life is a good way to keep positive! And looking back on all He has brought me through is a good way to not remain stuck in the funk when it comes!!!!

    1. Ki! Thanks so much for your support! Positivity IS infectious…that was another thing I found out early in my career. In my blog about Emotions, I wrote that one of the ways I stay positive is limiting my exposure to negativity and that includes negative people! Love and light!

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