Fair and Balanced

I read an article last week that included an interesting poll that compared the negative press of #45 with three of his predecessors. The article suggested that the overwhelmingly negative reporting (from even Faux News) was a result of some bias, that there should have been more balance.

That comparison reminds me of the comments made by #45 that there were “very fine people on both sides,” of the violence that erupted after hate groups, ostensibly protesting the removal of a statue, but chanting “You will not replace us/Jews will not replace us” clashed with anti-hate groups.

It’s a way to normalize the hate by suggest that it’s the reporting not the behavior that is negative.

Inhale Truth, Exhale False Equivalence…
Inhale Truth, Exhale Alternative Facts…
Inhale Truth, Exhale Bold Faced Lies…
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