The ROE of COAs

ROE and COA are two of the acronyms from my previous life I use frequently in my current life. At the beginning of any workshop I lead, I spend time establishing the Rules of Engagement (ROE) that will govern our conduct. Course(s) of Action (COA) are the alternate ways to get to a desired result; it’s a phrase I use when coaching clients trying to reach their goals.

I think about these concepts when I see the disparate, disjointed efforts of activists in my adopted Chicago. And I wonder…”Is it possible to engage for the purpose of coming up with a process, some action everyone can get behind?”

If you can’t even RECONCILE with your BROTHERS AND SISTERS, in the same line of work, HOW will you RECONCILE A CITY and a NATION?” ~ Apostle David A. Rodgers

Inhale Collaboration, Exhale Competition…
Inhale Engagement, Exhale Estrangement…
Inhale Reconciliation, Exhale Revolution …
Just Breathe


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