Athletes good enough to play at the college level usually have a pretty healthy dose of confidence. At the same time, they’re in college, which means they’re under 25 and their brains haven’t reached full maturity. They may not be equipped to handle the entire spectrum of responses to their performance

I wonder how Jalen Hurts, for example, feels about his own fan-base questioning his capability, blaming him for the Auburn loss…calling him an “incompetent n*****”.

Jalen Hurts and Walter Lewis.

Now that Alabama has surprised some of its “fans” by actually making the playoffs, I wonder if he and the team will get the full-throated support they deserve.

Hurts is usually described as unflappable; I wonder if he’ll be able to block out all the negativity he’s bound to hear over the next few weeks and focus on what he and the team (who look to him as their leader) want to accomplish.

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Inhale Ambition, Exhale Animosity…
Inhale Actions, Exhale Adversity…
Inhale Accomplishment, Exhale Ambivalence…
Just Breathe

Reflections with Renita

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