Peaceful Space

Do you remember where you were when the ATL Airport Power Outage of 2017 occurred? I had just walked into a terminal, walked out of security to get my favorite green smoothie and was about to get in the TSA Pre Check line when the lights blinked…blinked…then went off.

As the afternoon wore on and people began to get notifications about  their delayed or cancelled flights, I saw strangers sharing food, water, cell phones and their stories. I witnessed people accept what they couldn’t change and calmly cancel meetings, hotel reservations and return flights.

I don’t know how it was for folks trapped in more urgent circumstances (I’m so grateful I wasn’t actually on a plane) but I was surprised and grateful for the graciousness I saw all around me.

“Come from a space of peace and you can deal with anything.” ~ Michael Singer

Inhale Grace, Exhale Blame….
Inhale Calm, Exhale Chaos…
Inhale Acceptance, Exhale Frustration…
Just Breathe


Photo credit: AndrewC75 on / CC BY-NC-ND

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