Our Turn

My friend with the huge heart posted yet another story about an innocent bystander being shot by a cop and asked “Is anyone else concerned here?”

I didn’t know about the incident because I’ve started to carefully curate what I ingest from the news after realizing I just couldn’t digest another black or brown body mistreated, mutilated… murdered…

Is this how it happens? Each new disgusting display of depravity drags us deeper into the depths of despair and disengagement, until we can no longer respond, no longer react…no longer resist…?

Is this how the forces of evil take over?

“Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in each generation.” ~ Coretta Scott King

Inhale Responsive, Exhale Numb…
Inhale Reactive, Exhale Immune…
Inhale Resistance, Exhale Desensitized…
Just Breathe


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