Respectable Representation

Movies like “Girls Trip” and its breakout star Tiffany Haddish aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. But the politics of respectability has some black people judging the joy for life as expressed by the comedienne as too much … too loud, too profane, too boisterous… too black.

I get it…but aren’t we at a point where the full complexity of the black experience in America can be expressed?

“We need not demand “acceptable” representation of our womenhood because there is no unacceptable way to be a Black woman. Our expressions of ourselves are as nuanced as our body shapes, hair textures and hues of pigmentation. But what we must demand is a multiplicity of stories that showcase the vast variety of these expressions.” ~ Sil Lai Abrams and Morgan A. Grain

Inhale Representation, Exhale Stereotypes…
Inhale Nuanced, Exhale Stereotypes…
Inhale Multiplicity, Exhale Stereotypes…
Just Breathe


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