What Remains…

Whenever I recall the difficult days of my divorce, I can’t help but remember the kindness of family and friends.

I remember how my senior Non Commissioned Officers, Len Colello and Gary Haskins would take turns asking me if I had been to the gym, which always made me laugh … and go to the gym!

I remember how a friend took me to fetch my daughter after I walked out of my building to discover my husband had taken my car, leaving us stranded.

I remember how my grandmother gave me access to a low interest loan that allowed me to get a new car.

I’m grateful I no longer feel the pain of those memories…just the kindness which fills my heart with joy and even more gratitude.

Inhale Kindness, Exhale Pain…
Inhale Joy, Exhale Painful Memories…
Inhale Gratitude, Exhale Regret…
Just Breathe


4 thoughts on “What Remains…”

  1. Ma’am, thank you for such powerful words. I keep them close to me for those times I need to JUST BREATHE. You were then, and are now, a leader that left your indelible mark on me, and I am sure many, many others.

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