One of the awesome things about planning our parent’s joint 80th birthday party was discovering information, hearing stories and finding pictures we had not known, heard or seen. I came across this never-before-seen-by me picture of my impossibly fresh faced, impressively attired, and incredibly gorgeous Mom and Dad before they became parents.

It was a reminder that my Mom had an identity before she became a mother, and enjoyed activities that didn’t involve my siblings and me. And that my Dad was barely out of college when he temporarily sought employment in Chicago to support his growing family.

The picture led me to a greater appreciation of all the sacrifices they made that allowed us to soar.

Inhale Gratitude, Exhale Taking for Granted…
Inhale Appreciation, Exhale Disregard…
Inhale Acknowledgment, Exhale Dismissal…
Just Breathe


2 thoughts on “Sacrifice”

  1. Wow, Renita… This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this story. It’s amazing the feelings we get from photos that are connected to our legacy. Very inspiring and connected to Tafari’s mission: To inspire people through self-reflection, family history, and shared life experiences.

    1. Thanks so much Habeebah for reading and commenting! A lot of “Just Breathe” comes from my experiences with family. I can’t wait until Tafari launches!

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