Divine Forgiveness

Forgive and forget.”

You’ve heard this adage, which, I believe, really speaks to a higher-level consciousness that many of us find difficult to achieve. Biblical passages like those in Hebrews and Isaiah assure us that God “blots” our sins, or “ wipes the slate clean” of our sins, or doesn’t “keep a list” of our sins. For most of us humans, the idea that we must forget an offense to truly forgive the offender sometimes stops the whole process.

But forgiving does not mean having to forget the offense or deny it happened or to ignore the real feelings that it generated. Forgiving may mean that we simply have to think differently about what happened, change the feelings about what we think and modify how we act.

Forgiving may require that we overlook what has happened.

Inhale Letting Go, Exhale Holding On…
Inhale Overlooking, Exhale Condoning…
Inhale Forgiving, Exhale Excusing…
Just Breathe